Ash Event Productions Ltd recognizes that it has a responsibility to the environment, above and beyond any legal requirements or box ticking exercise.
We acknowledge that we are a relatively small company in a large industry that struggles with a reputation for unnecessary waste. So although what we are able to contribute to the very real problems of waste and sustainability may seem like a drop in the ocean, we are never the less, sincerely committed to an ethos of reducing, reusing, and recycling in any real and ongoing practices we can implement.

Here are some examples of recently implemented actions to demonstrate this commitment:
We have recently changed our vans over to ULEZ compliant vehicles with lower emissions.

We have improved the insulation in our offices and warehouse, to reduce the heating required and reduce energy use and wastage:

We have replaced the lighting in the offices and warehouse with LED/ low energy lights to reduce energy use and wastage. The lights in the offices and bathrooms have PIR sensors to turn on and off with motion to avoid lights being left on unnecessarily.

Paper towels in the bathroom had been replaced with low energy hand dryers.

We have recently purchased re – usable water bottled and coffee cups. These get issued to staff and freelancers at the start of an event. This is to reduce the amount of single use plastics staff will use at an event. The bottles and cups are then collected at the end of the event to clean and ready to re – use for the next event.

There is a dedicated space allocated in the warehouse for materials (wood/ carpet, etc) that can be re – used for future events. This is to reduce skip and landfill waste. Even though at times It is a more cost effective use of time and finances to throw away materials (rather than store and re – use) this goes completely against our commitment to reducing waste,
Any materials unable to be re – used are taken to a local recycling center.

Where – ever possible site meetings with clients are now conducted via Zoom or Teams and emails. This is to reduce unnecessary travel and pollution. If a site meeting is necessary, travel to the meeting is always done via public transport.